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Engine Control Technology by Micro-Craft

  Performance tools and instruments for electronic fuel injection and wideband air/fuel ratio analysis for internal combustion engines.
Here you will find well engineered and manufactured electronic measurement and control products for internal combustion engines. Our products are best suited, but not limited, to automotive and motorcycle performance sport applications. Because of it's general design and interface, most can be used on any car or motorcycle engine.
We also publish on our web pages every detail about our products, it's design, particular technology and possible application.
A DIY air fuel or lambda meter kit is also available for the Do It Yourself individualist.
Detailed pricing information can be found by visiting the secure Micro-Craft eStore.
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AFM-1 Wide-Band Air Fuel Meter with real-time data logger :

  AFM-1 precision wideband air/fuel ratio meter amd data-logger
This hand held instrument uses a Wide-Band O2 sensor (Bosch LSU-4), which allows the user to take precision Air-Fuel-Mixture measurements through oxygen concentration analysis in the exhaust gas.
Additional connectivity is provided for various inputs, like RPM, Throttle-Position-Sensor, Manifold-Absolute-Pressure, Mass-Air-Flow, and up to eight K-Thermocouple temperature inputs.
Programmable O2 Sensor simulation outputs allow you to control a stock fuel injection, an external gauge or indicator of your choice.

The instrument can be connected to a MS-Windows computer to facilitate a variety of functions like real-time data-graph and data-logging.
bosch lsu-4 wideband oxygen / lambda sensor

left :
LSU-4 Lambda sensor


right :
Windows user control software

AFM-1 Win32 GUI application control software

Wide Band versus Narrow Band sensing Technology :

The wideband sensing technology is one of the key elements in our products and designs. It allows for a lambda range of 0.7 to 1.4, which spans from -30% of  the stoichiometric air/fuel ratio to +40%. Gasoline values are from 10.0 (rich) to 20.0 (lean) with the ideal point being at 14.7. By taking into account the less accurate non linear regions of a typical narrow band sensor, a lambda range from 0.95 to 1.05 (gasoline 14.0 to 15.5) can be measured,  which is +/- 5% (any data outside of +/- 2% is already less accurate).
What this means is that lambda values where the engine outputs the most power. within 0.85 to 0.88 (gasoline 12.5 to 13) is already outside the narrow band sensing range. Please follow the link for more details about the wideband lambda sensing technology.

ECC-1 fuel injection control and ignition timing :

  Fuel-Injection with Wide-Band O2 real-time closed loop control and ignition timing

This product is currently under development. it's NOT a teaser, just information about new product developments. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

We used the Air-Fuel Meter technology as a stepping stone to the Wide-Band O2 closed loop control technology for our fully programmable and adaptable fuel injection module. (no direct inject). It also supports ignition timing control.

Important Note :

Our products were designed for testing, diagnostic, racing and off road use (not to be used on highways or other DOT governed areas) and are intended to be used legally, not in violation of existing State and Federal Clean Air, Safety or other applicable laws. Where doubt exists, DO NOT use our products without checking your state and or private attorney.


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