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Engine Control Technology by Micro-Craft :

  Micro-Craft is introducing it's 2nd product, a wide band air fuel meter available through this web-site. It is another Micro-Craft engineering example of electronic control and instrumentation devices for internal combustion engines for the performance motor sport industry. The 1st product was an OEM design of an electronic fuel-injection control interface unit.
Currently we are working on our 3rd product, the design of our 3rd product, a electronic fuel-injection control unit for internal combustion engines with the emphasis of interfacing to a wide and general range of engine configurations.
Our trade name for this electronic fuel injection unit is engine control center or ECC.

Company Philosophy :

We are an engineering driven company (not marketing) and try to make every effort to design a better product by finding the right balance between product performance and product component and manufacturing cost. All of our products should provide the most performance available and still being affordable for most applications.

We do not claim that we are faster, look cooler, are the 1st and only, or similar.
What we try to do is, present a product and more technical information about it, because this will ensure that the user is able to use and understand it to it's full intended potential.

Company History :

Micro-Craft was started in 1986 in Silicon Valley, San Jose California. Throughout the years the engineering product range reached from control software written in assembly language to  Real-Time firmware in C, Windows User control interfaces in C++, Internet communications control software in Java all the way to the hardware designs for real-time embedded control, instrumentation and robotics application at micro-controller and analog op-amp component level.
Based on this experience Micro-Craft designed in 2002 a fuel-injection control interface unit for Yoshimura-RD which is currently being marketed as Engine Management System 2.
We needed a wide band air fuel meter design as being a major part in the development of our new real-time closed loop electronic fuel injection control unit. So we designed it, put it into almost the same injection molded packaging as for our new fuel injection design, wrote a Windows based user interface and are now selling it as a stand alone product, the AFM-1 air fuel meter..
Part of the internal operations of the user control interface is already being used as a backbone in the design of the new electronic fuel-injection control unit (ECC-1).

Thank you for your patience and interest in engine control technology by Micro-Craft.

re : Website

Yes, our site looks a bit different than main stream corporate advertising, marketing and  glorious newspaper info look, just like today's trend-setters, but so far we like it our way and we hope you might appreciate a simple hopefully easy to read and informative web-site.
In our pursuit to provide a well balanced layout for our web-site we found a wonderful and very dynamic, with animation enhanced, piece of graphic web-art, but unfortunately in German, at www.ingenfeld.de. However we finally decided to stay a touch more conservative with our web-page approach.
To help you reading all this dry engineering info, from time to time we like to sneak some hopefully funny comments in between the lines.
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Any suggestions are always appreciated your


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